Valentines Day Wreath DIY

Valentines Day Love Wreath DIY from

I love Valentines Day. Between the chocolates, the colors, and the lovey-dovey spirit of the holiday I can’t help but celebrate. This year I’m inspired by the dynamic duo of a box of chocolates and the word love to make a Valentines Day wreath. The timing of this wreath project could not have been better. We recently got a piece of furniture as a gift that came with many sheets of styrofoam. For this project you can also substitute the sheet of styrofoam I used to cut out the letters for love with foam core board. Valentines Day doesn’t seem to have the most decor out there, it appears to be dwarfed

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Kate Spade Inspired Easter Wreath

Kate Spade Inspired Easter Wreath from

Colorful, modern, elegant, and fun. This Kate Spade Inspired Easter Wreath can be easily made with a little time and Easter inspiration. Materials used in the wreath cost me less than $15 total however the result looks far more expensive.

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