Clean a Chalky Drain in Less Than Five Minutes

Clean a Chalky Drain in Less Than Five Minutes

I take care of my bathroom and clean it regularly however there has been one part of it that refuses to be cleaned: The chalky shower drain. This is not toothpaste, soap scum, or the normal color of our grout. I highly suspect that it’s calcium from hard water build up.

Chalky Drain Before Cleaning, Clean a Chalky Drain in Less Than Five Minutes from

Chalky Drain Before Cleaning

In five minutes with only three household items I was able to take the drain from this chalky mess:







To a shiny clean surface worthy of our home:Clean Drain






Clean a Chalky Drain in Less Than Five Minutes

What you’ll need:


A grout brush or any other stiff bristled brush







White vinegar. I got two gallons of the stuff at Sams Club for less than $4.





baking soda

Baking soda. This is somewhat optional. I was able to scrub away a decent amount of the white stuff with just the grout brush and vinegar alone but I feel the baking soda aided in it dissolving even faster.





Pour vinegar a second time

Pour vinegar over the chalkly drain








Watch the reaction start and your troubles grime bubble away







scrub with baking soda After the bubbling seems to slow down take the grout brush to the drain and start scrubbing. Then, add in some baking soda by sprinkling on top and scrub again with the grout brush.





Vinegar Reacting with Baking Soda on Drain

Pour vinegar over the area just scrubbed and feel like a kid science class as you watch the bubbles come up from the area recently poured over






Shiny DrainRepeat the steps described as needed until your shower resembles something worthy of your home and fills your heart with a peace that can only be found when that last stubborn area of filth has been cleansed.

Do you get the same satisfaction when that last little grimy area of your home is clean?

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