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DIY Ring Box from

After calling my parents, updating my Facebook, and telling everyone within earshot Jimmy proposed the next thing I did was buy every wedding magazine on the rack. Unfortunately this was not my last trip to the perfect, colorful, glossy world of wedding magazines. As months went by and our planning continued so did my magazine shopping.

During a recent cleaning spree I found them sitting in squat pile at the bottom of our guest room closet. I knew there was no point in keeping these magazines however placing them in the recycle bin made me feel a little sad. I loved the process of planning our wedding and all the little ideas and inspiration the magazines gave me. Then it occurred to me, I don’t have to get rid of them. With this project you’ll be able to take your own stack of wedding magazines and give them a new purpose as a lovely little ring box. 

After re-discovering my wedding magazines I wish I had used the techniques to make this DIY ring box for the ceremony. However now it makes a lovely business card holder on my desk .

Are there any crafts or skills you acquired right after they would have been most useful?

diy Ring Box


Materials for DIY Ring Box from

  • Decoupage paper (wedding magazines)
  • Exacto knife and blades
  • Self-healing mat or cutting board
  • Scissors
  • Box
  • Mod Podge (I used Matte in this tutorial)
  • Paint brush (I used a sponge kind)
  • Nail file
  • Straight paper cutter (optional) – This was used for some pictures where I wanted a very straight clean edge however due to the small size of the box it was just as easy to hold the larger scissors straight and use them to cut the pictures when needed.


gather magazines for images

Gather your magazines together and flip through them to identify a color scheme, theme, or direction regarding images you’ll use for the decoupage. For this one I used floral images of bouquets, centerpieces, and other arrangements.



Cropping Cake Picture from Wedding Magazine

Use an Exacto knife to cut out your images

Crop images to eliminate background.







dabble mod podge onto box and apply images

Remove any hardware from your box with a small screwdriver. Dabble Mod Podge onto the surface of the box using a brush or sponge. It should be just a little tacky on the surface. Pick up an image, starting with larger ones first, and set down on the tacky Mod Podged area of the box. Smooth the image with your fingers or a flat surface like a plastic card.


brush mod podge over imagesWait for the image to dry, approximately 5-10 minutes, before using a brush to pick up a little more Mod-Podge and brush gently over the image.



decoupage ring boxRepeat steps 1-5 until you’re satisfied with the pattern and coverage of the box. Coat the box with a light layer of Mod Podge to seal images. Re-attach hardware when your last coat of Mod Podge has dried.




If there are extraneous pieces of Mod Podge preventing your box from closing, which happened to me, use a nail file to gently sand them down to the same smoothness as the surface.

diy decoupage ring box





diy decoupage ring box back







diy ring box inside love story


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