Rose Gold Lipstick Case DIY

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I have something of an obsession with rose gold. I’m not sure if it’s because of the warmth or luxe of the color but I’m just drawn to it. Whether its on shoes, lamps, or anything else. I also love lipstick cases. They’re ultra lady-like and remind me of a return to a time when it was normal to have to touch up one’s lipstick throughout the day, a little 1950’s. In this tutorial I created a rose gold lipstick case from one that I purchased for $1.50 on clearance at Michaels with some paint I already had.

rose gold lipstick case diy

Rose Gold Lipstick Case DIY from


  • Lipstick Case
  • Martha Stewart Rose Copper Acrylic Paint
  • Martha Stewart Sunstone Acrylic Paint
  • Recollections Extra Fine Glitter in Champagne
  • Martha Stewart Multi Surface Durable Glitter Finish
  • Paint Brushes
  • Painter’s tape


Black Lipstick Case for Rose Gold Lipstick Case DIY from MindOverHobby.comStart with a plain lipstick case. Use painter’s tape on the inside of the case to prevent any paint from leaking inside during crafting.

Rose Gold Lipstick Case DIY from MindOverHobby.comPaint the outside of the lipstick case with a metallic rose gold acrylic paint. I used two coats of Rose Copper, letting each coat dry for about an hour.

Then, paint with a rose gold glitter colored paint and carefully sprinkle with rose gold loose glitter. I say carefully because fine glitter tends to go everywhere. I like to complete this step inside of a plastic shoe box. Let dry for an hour.

Using your glitter finish, take a brush with a small amount of the finish and brush all over where you just put the glitter. This will allow the sparkle of the glitter to shine through but still keep the loose glitter in place and prevent it from migrating or shedding everywhere. Let dry one hour.

Rose Gold Lipstick Case DIY from MindOverHobby.comCarefully remove the painter’s tape from the inside of the lipstick case and discard. Brush off any loose glitter that may have fell inside of the case. If you notice any shedding occurring on the outside of the case use a second coat of glitter finish to secure the loose glitter to the surface.


Enjoy your lovely, lady like rose gold lipstick case! I like keeping MAC Bombshell lipstick inside of mine. The pearlized gold/pink finish coordinates with the outside of the case perfectly.

Rose Gold Lipstick Case DIY from

Rose Gold Lipstick Case DIY from

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