5 Biggest Burlap Wreath Mistakes

Five biggest burlap wreath mistakes

(And What You can do to fix them)

Five Biggest Burlap Wreath Mistakes from MindOverHobby.com

If you’ve been on Pinterest for more than a few seconds then you’re more likely than not to have a seen a burlap wreath. Puffy, evenly full, and tastefully decorated you begin to think “Hey, I can make that”, and then begin to pin a multitude of wonderful tutorials on how to create your own burlap wreath. After a short trip to the craft store you have your rolls of burlap garland and wire wreath frame ready to go. Then you finally get to making it and… things happen.

Today I’ve rounded up the top 5 biggest burlap wreath mistakes that all DIY-ers should be aware of and how you can fix them.

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