DIY Ring Box

DIY Ring Box from

After calling my parents, updating my Facebook, and telling everyone within earshot Jimmy proposed the next thing I did was buy every wedding magazine on the rack. Unfortunately this was not my last trip to the perfect, colorful, glossy world of wedding magazines. As months went by and our planning continued so did my magazine shopping.

During a recent cleaning spree I found them sitting in squat pile at the bottom of our guest room closet. I knew there was no point in keeping these magazines however placing them in the recycle bin made me feel a little sad. I loved the process of planning our wedding and all the little ideas and inspiration the magazines gave me. Then it occurred to me, I don’t have to get rid of them. With this project you’ll be able to take your own stack of wedding magazines and give them a new purpose as a lovely little ring box. 

After re-discovering my wedding magazines I wish I had used the techniques to make this DIY ring box for the ceremony. However now it makes a lovely business card holder on my desk .

Are there any crafts or skills you acquired right after they would have been most useful?

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