Marquee Love DIY

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I’ve been staring at the Heidi Swapp Marquee Love signs in Michaels and Hobby Lobby for quite a few weeks now. And as I stare I try to figure out what I’m going to do with them. Our house has very tall walls, the ceiling are about 10 feet tall, which are lovely and give a great amount of light and space to our home but they’re very difficult to decorate. Almost everything I put on them that is less than 3 feet tall seems dwarfed. These signs are definitely less than ten inches tall and no matter the configuration I tried to come up with in conjunction with my smaller photographs and artwork they still seemed too small.

Solution? Lighting and decor for my creative space, aka my craft closet. Before making these signs I had a clip on utility light with a 100 watt daylight bulb. My creative space has double doors and the lighting in the guest room which houses my creative space is limited to a ceiling lamp from the fan, two night stand lamps, daylight from three windows (depending on time of day), and the occasional box lamp that I have set up when taking photos for MindOverHobby. This previous set up was not exactly falling in line with my vision of a pretty and inspiring space for creating things.

Since Michaels and Hobby Lobby do not typically allow the use of their coupons for Heidi Swapp products I kept holding out for a sale to purchase these beauties. Then one day at Tuesday Morning I found them… at $9.99 each! Definitely a LOT better than the $24.99 price tag at craft stores. Let’s get started with making these lovely signs.

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Rose Gold Lipstick Case DIY

Rose Gold Lipstick Case DIY from
















I have something of an obsession with rose gold. I’m not sure if it’s because of the warmth or luxe of the color but I’m just drawn to it. Whether its on shoes, lamps, or anything else. I also love lipstick cases. They’re ultra lady-like and remind me of a return to a time when it was normal to have to touch up one’s lipstick throughout the day, a little 1950’s. In this tutorial I created a rose gold lipstick case from one that I purchased for $1.50 on clearance at Michaels with some paint I already had.

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Rose Gold Lamp DIY

Rose Gold Lamp DIY from

I love rose gold. The warm, luxe look of the color and coppery look it gives items makes it one of my favorite colors. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a bottle lamp in rose gold. Is there any color you’ve been particularly obsessed with lately?

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DIY Rose Gold High Heels



DIY Rose Gold Shoes from

Finding rose gold high heels can be difficult and pricey. But for less than $15 you can make your own from a pair ordinary shoes already in your closet.

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