Valentines Day Wreath DIY

Valentines Day Love Wreath DIY from

I love Valentines Day. Between the chocolates, the colors, and the lovey-dovey spirit of the holiday I can’t help but celebrate. This year I’m inspired by the dynamic duo of a box of chocolates and the word love to make a Valentines Day wreath. The timing of this wreath project could not have been better. We recently got a piece of furniture as a gift that came with many sheets of styrofoam. For this project you can also substitute the sheet of styrofoam I used to cut out the letters for love with foam core board. Valentines Day doesn’t seem to have the most decor out there, it appears to be dwarfed


  • Styrofoam or foam core board sheet at least 24×36
  • Styrofoam blocks for cutting out chocolates
  • Toothpicks
  • Styrofoam balls 1.4″ diameter
  • Paintbrushes
  • Hot glue gun (low temp)
  • Exacto Knife for cutting out letters on paper
  • Serrated knife for cutting out chocolates
  • Hot knife or We R Memory Keepers Fuse Tool with Cutting Blade
  • Paint
    • Craftsmart Brown (Matte)
    • Craftsmart Chocolate Brown (Matte)
    • Folk Art Parchment (Satin)
    • Puff paints
  • Martha Stewart Satin Finish (ok to substitute with ModPodge Satin)
  • Crepe Paper Streamers (bought mine at Dollar Tree)
  • Mini cupcake liners
  • 5/8″ wide ribbon
  • Wax paper
  • Mod Podge (gloss, matte, or satin)
  • Sharpie

Valentines Day Love Wreath Tutorial:

painted styrofoam chocolates for Valentines Day Love Wreath DIY from

Start by cutting out your chocolates from styrofoam. Cut styrofoam balls in half along a pre-marked line and cut squares and rectangles into somewhat random shapes and sizes that resemble what you’d find in a box of chocolates.

The shapes are painted with a variety of acrylic colors. Use 3 coats of paint on the top of the chocolates and one coat on the bottom. While painting, put a toothpick into each chocolate on the bottom to keep from getting your fingerprints on them and then stick them into a scrap piece of styrofoam while drying.


decorated chocolates for Valentines Day Love Wreath DIY from MindOverHobby.comAfter the acrylic paint has dried completely, use a satin finish to give each chocolate a nice, professional shine. Let dry. Then, using a variety of puff paints decorate your chocolates. Be creative! Because it is Valentines Day I used red, pink, and white puff paints on my chocolates. The puff paint gives your Valentines Day chocolates dimension and appear to have frosting. Let dry for at least 12 hours, puff paint takes longer than acrylic.

template and layout for Valentines Day Love Wreath DIY from MindOverHobby.comCreate a template for your wreath using printed and cut out letters. Mine were made using Arial Bold font in 950 to 1000 point size. Next, make a layout of chocolates over the letters to get a sense of how big you will need them to be. The “O” in particular was little too wide and I wanted it to be as tall as the “L”, perfectly fine! I just made the chocolates arc over to make sure it could be as large as I needed.




trace love template for Valentines Day Love Wreath DIY from MindOverHobby.comNext, trace letters into the size you would like them to be on to your styrofoam or foam core board. I suggest using a silver or light colored sharpie in case your crepe paper doesn’t cover the marks completely later on.






cutting-out-styrofoam-lettersAfter you’re satisfied with your template use a hot knife, or in my case a WeRMemory Keepers Fuse Tool, to cut out your letters along the template. Be careful to keep the letters connected while you cut.






secure ribbon for Valentines Day Love Wreath DIY from

Cut small holes into the top of your wreath for securing a ribbon.







decoupage wreath base for Valentines Day Love Wreath DIY from

Lay out wax paper to protect your work surface and prevent sticking. Wrap the wreath in crepe paper using mod podge, any finish, to adhere. Let dry.






pleating for Valentines Day Love Wreath DIY from

Gently fold as you go to create pleats on the sides of the letters. Use a coat of mod podge along the edges when complete to secure it just a little bit more. Let dry.






completed decoupage for Valentines Day Love Wreath DIY from

When finished your pleating should look something like picture on the left.







lay out chocolates before gluing for Valentines Day Love Wreath DIY from

Next, lay out chocolates on dry wreath. Take a picture to remember your layout before gluing. Using a low temp hot glue gun attach each chocolate to a mini cupcake liner. Let sit for at least 30 minutes to ensure the glue has set. After glue has set, using the same low temp hot glue gun secure the chocolates to your Valentines Day wreath.





Valentines Day Love Wreath DIY from

Admire your beautiful Valentines Day love wreath! After the hot glue has completely set hang and enjoy!


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